If it involves the Yard then The Yard Guardian can help.


Regular lawn mowing and maintenance so your grass grows healthy and lush so you or your children can spend more time outside enjoying the outdoors.


To ensure nice straight deep lines to slow the spread of turf to unwanted areas. Finishing off mowing with a  good trim give the garden that perfect finish.


Maintain a tidy look of your hedges and improve the overall look of your property. We have the right equipment to get the job done. 


To ensure that your roof stays in top condition gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year to provide uninterrupted water flow and minimise the potential of fire spread to your house during bush fire season.


We ensure that we remove all rubbish during our services and we can also provide a general yard tidy to enhance the garden and yards natural beauty. Don’t let your garden run away from you, regular yard maintenance keeps on top of the mess.


Whether it is removing unwanted plants and growth or the addition of new plants and trees we can assist you. We can help you to choose the right plants and shrubs that are right for your garden.


“Daniel’s attention to detail is incredible. He is thorough and takes pride in a job well done. He has taken care of my lawn, weeding (Bindi treatment was particularly helpful with kids), edging, whipper snipping and had mended dead patches of lawn from the kids and dogs.

He is our one-stop shop for yard maintenance!”

Suzie Mackie

I have used the Yard Guardian a couple of times now since hurting my back. Would definitely recommend his work. Great edging and mowing does a better job than me. I intend to keep using the Yard Guardian.

Janet Taylor

I can highly recommend Dan,  we used Dan when we moved into our new property the lawn and yard had been neglected and was overgrown and cuttings had not been collected for many months from the previous mower man, Dan went above and beyond to bring our yard back to a great standard and remove all the years of built-up cuttings. Dan has great pride in his work and has a great standard that he works to, and makes sure you get your money’s worth, every time he mows our lawn, he does a little extra to improve it, I have been so pleased with the service, highly recommend Dan.
Thank you

Craig and Ruth

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